One Thing That Will Increase Your Online Influence

November 20, 2013 — Leave a comment
photo: Rudolf Vlček, creative commons

photo: Rudolf Vlček, creative commons

Most bloggers, pastors, leaders and influences want to have an online influence. Not for their own glory or attention, but because they see an opportunity to inspire others toward positive change, and to share the Gospel with hundreds, thousands and even millions of readers.

These people pour their lives, energy, time and even resources into developing beautiful platforms with quality content and pray their efforts will pay off. Most people I meet, however, are missing something. And this single thing they’re missing is stunting their influence.

It’s so easy to miss, I miss it sometimes. And I know missing this step limits the amount of influence my online presence can have.

Are you ready to know what it is?

It’s simple: You have to tell your audience to do something different.

It’s one thing to change the way somebody thinks. It’s quite another to change the way they act. One is easy. The other is difficult. One makes for an entertaining blog post. The other makes for an impacted life. I’ll let you guess which is which (since you already know).

So how do you get people to do something different?

Again, it’s simple (but not easy). You have to coach them through it.

Coaching people to act differently, especially people who you’ve never met, is no easy task. But it is possible. The most effective blogs I read and follow do this well. And to stay true to the advice of this post and avoid being a hypocrite, let me take this opportunity to coach you through the process of coaching your readers.

Here are three steps you can take to increase your influence online right away.

Determine what you want your audience to do.

Do you want them to donate money to a certain cause or organization (maybe your own cause, or someone else’s)? Do you want them to volunteer their time? Do you want them grow in their spiritual walk? Do you want them to become better communicators, or better are relationships?

In my case, I want you to increase your influence online. I think you have a lot to offer; and I want you to be able to offer it in this space.

Consider what steps they might take to move in the right direction

One way you can determine this is by asking yourself, “How did I get here?”

Are you currently donating money to the cause or organization? Are you volunteering your time? Have you grown in your own ability to communicate? Do you have a great online influence than you used to have?

If your answer is no, you should re-think why you are sharing in the first place. But, if your answer is yes, you can ask yourself: How did I get here?

Finally, challenge readers to take one or two steps at a time.

Don’t challenge them to take ten steps at a time. Just challenge them to take a few. Give them tangible ideas of how this might work, and then send them out with a “charge” to go do it.

For example: One way you can increase your social media influence is by giving your readers tangible, actionable steps.

How can you include steps like this in your next blog post?

Great, now go do it.

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